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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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The responsibility of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is more significant and more deliberate in the process of global human development in all nations. It is imperative to understand the changing roles of NGOs, connotations for construction NGO capacity, and how NGOs can move forward the next pace from capacity building to bringing sustainable roles in the expansion of a lively and free communal society. The eventual accountability for determining the societal improvement lies with the non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Determining does not propose that NGOs should or even could reform the entire under developed sector on their own. Plenty of groups have a role to play in the betterment of society; politicians, professionals, the scientific community, the private sector, local government and the civil society organizations. The responsibility of community development that is entrusted to NGOs is exclusive and is entrenched in righteous politics as well as in widely held prospects. The sustainability factors are come up with three ways like financial sustainability, functional sustainability and formational sustainability. Financial sustainability covers financial aspects, functional sustainability surrounds operational aspects and formational sustainability envelops constructive aspects of NGOs. Sustainability of NGOs covers ten more interrelated factors: political policies, governmental regulations, economic fluctuations, social recognition, deliver of service, employee integration, international relations, tax implications and contingent issues. The organization officials are asked to rate the factors favoring for the sustainability and the scores for each dimensions are tabulated to predict the results
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  • Formational Sustainability.,
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