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This proposal is for new academic scholar publishing journals.
  • Laxmi Book Publication (LBP) has a strong commitment to innovation & quality in academic research journals.Every one publishing partner will have different needs & priorities when launching a new journal.Our approach is founded on open communication & intelligent engagement. We are always interested in hearing ideas for potential new journals. If you have spotted a gap in the market for a new journal, please submit a proposal for us.
  • Laxmi Book Publication (LBP) is seeking to expand its family. It is an independent international publisher of Articles, Books, Journals, and Theses. Known for our commitment to quality and innovation. We specialize in providing custom packages of publishing services to our clients at some of the most reasonable rates.
  • We manage publications from manuscript submission through delivery services include Indexing, Abstracting & Licensing.Our main goal is to provide technical assistance to the scientific institutions, organizations and even individuals to publish their research online in the form of open access and available to the public.
  • For more detailed information about a publishing partnership with LBP, Please contact Ashok Yakkaldevi. Feel free to contact or If you feel to discuss your ideas, Please contact Ashok on 9595359435.
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  • We Edit Research Paper
  • Publish Online & Print
  • Indexing International Journal
  • Connect All Social Network
  • Web Hosting
  • Any Other Requirments
What to include in a journal proposal
Innovative ideas and approaches consistently distinguish. LBP publishing, across all of our programmes. A brief description of the journal, including :
  • Background : Detail the background to the project: Where does the project come from? What is its history? Who are the associates, if any? It is often desirable for a journal project to have the active support of an association or grouping.
  • Title :
  • Editor(s) and affiliations(s) : Please include a brief curriculum vitae
  • Rationale for the Journal : Why is the journal needed? What academic developments have taken place to make this journal necessary at this point in time?
  • Aims and Scope : We require an editorial statement of the aims and scope of the project. This should incorporate the following points: the purpose of the journal; the disciplines covered (or the cross disciplinary nature of); the intellectual level of the project; its topicality.
  • Editorial Structure : Who will be the Editors? Please indicate likely members of the Editorial Board or team. How would the Editorial Board or team be selected? Please indicate how the journal would be administered. How would you expect to handle the peer review process?
  • Content : Provide a list of the type of content that the journal might publish (ideally 'dream' article titles and authors). Please indicate the nature of the content e.g. research papers, review papers, case studies, rapid communications (letters), conference reports, calendar of events. Where is the work in this area being conducted? At what sort of institution is the work being conducted? Is there currently, or will there be, a teaching as well as a research base for this work?
  • The Market : In many respects our assessment of a journal project is heavily dependent upon our assessment of the market. Many of the issues dealt with above are directly relevant to the issue of the potential market for a proposal. Nevertheless, we ask you to consider carefully the following points: Why is there a market for this journal? Who would subscribe to the journal? Which fields are they in? Which academic departments are they in? Approximately how many of these departments are there (by geographic location, worldwide?
  • Publication : What is the proposed frequency of publication and desired start date of publication? Is there a preferred format or size? Will the publication require special typographic features or design?
  • Finance : Is there prospect of the journal being adopted formally or informally by a professional or scholarly society, or alternative methods of funding some part of the start-up costs?
  • Review Process : Please provide the name and contact details for four or five people in your proposed field of study who would be able to provide an informed expert opinion on this proposal. The names may include proposed members of the editorial boards but should also go wider.
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