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THE IMPACT OF SMART CLASS SYSTEM AMONG SCHOOL CHILDREN (A study conducted at Tiruchirappalli city based schools)
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D. F. Mettilda Rajakumari , Deepa Viswam
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Indian education system has its long traditional history and different types of mile stones. Our educationalists are respected at global level, because of our standard of education. There are more physicians, engineers, computer experts serving various countries throughout the world. All credit goes to the school level education system. As we are all well known if the foundation is good the building is also good, likewise the school system of our country gets its own credit in its way. Now a days the computer based learning is an inevitable part in learning. One who doesn’t know computer he/she is considers just like an illiterate also computer utility comes as part of our life in various ways. In this study the researcher wants to explore the impact of the SMART school system as introduced recently in all schools among the school children. The 6th to 10thstandard studying school children have been taken for this study. The data were properly analyzed with the application of statistical tools and result were analyzed statically.
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