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T. P. Shinde
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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The History of agricultural development from the initial days of mankind has been the history of use of Seeds, cultivation of new crops and crop varieties. In the early days it was obtained through the cultivation of indigenous but useful plant and those taken through interaction. Selections of superior type from cultivated plants constitute the next stage of progress. In the course of time many useful assorting where made and there was gradual but steady progress towards crop improvement. Later through the use of well-known techniques of selection hybridization. and polyploidesation many new and better varieties were developed by the scientists.(singh G.N and other 1987) With the application of new agricultural strategy (Green Revolution ) agricultural productivity has shown market improvements. This is a common phenomenon in irrigated areas of Western Maharashtra. The period during Seventies has Witnessed considerable increase in the quality and quantity of crop production .Favorable Government policies have lead to the availabilities of High Yielding Varieties through Government agencies, co-operatives and private sector. All these efforts were resulted into overall increase in agricultural productivity. However, in satara district there is regional disparity of the distribution Seeds Agencies and varieties. In the present paper an attempt has been made to bring out the Spatial Distribution in the Seeds Agencies and varieties of different crop in satara district. The study is based on Primary and secondary data.
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