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Rakesh Sandhu
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Human development is assessed by Human Development Index (HDI) by every Human Development Report. HDI is comprehensive appraisal of human progress. It consists of Indicators that are based on three dimensions : life expectancy, educational attainment and command over the resources essential for a decent life. Other indicators are inequality, poverty and gender deficit. Equity is the vital component of human development. Inequality reduces the progress of human development. The impact of inequality can be measured by the Inequalityadjusted Human Development Index (IHDI). When inequality is zero, the IHDI is equal to HDI. The difference between the two represent inequality. Gender equality is the necessary component of human development and it has a deep concern to gender equality. Women are generally discriminated in providing education, health and employment. Gender Inequality Index (GII) evaluated the extent of discrimination against women. The result of human development report indicated that there is high gender disparities in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab States. The most disturbing trend is the declining sex ratio at birth. Sex selective abortions and infanticides have been changing the demographic landscape in some countries which can be dangerous to democratic set up and social fabric of a country. Higher equity between male and female is not only important, but is necessary for increasing human development.
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