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Usha Dinakaran
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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This paper aims at investigating the challenges preventing female chefs from reaching the top positions in the kitchen of a hotel and identifying measures in overcoming them. In recent years, the increased number of women in the hospitality industry and their underrepresentation in top positions has made women’s status in the industry a great concern. Majority of female chefs are not in situations that would lead them to the positions of Executive Chefs. There are several factors preventing female chefs from reaching the glass ceiling. The study identifies such factors and suggests measures to prepare women for leadership positions in the hospitality industry and find ways to overcome the barriers that may exist to women’s career advancement. However, there are many factors which are hampering the rate at which the industry could be growing. Some, the hotels can control and some need inputs from the government in the form of policies and programmes for the young women chefs who join as freshers.
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