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Ashutosh Bairagi
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Homosexuality, a kind of sexual orientation exist in Indian society and all the countries of world and considered as crime in many countries and in India under the purview of unnatural offences. The Delhi High Court decriminalized the act of homosexuality but after than the Supreme Court of India overruled the decision of Delhi HC and thus the homosexuals or the LGBTs have been refrained to enjoy the privileges guaranteed under the part III of Indian Constitution and are considered as criminals. Homosexuality exist in India in ancient times also which is evident from the texts of Manusmrirti , Kamasutra, Arthshastra etc . additionally, the hijras have been part of Indian society and culture for thousands of years. Indian culture and society is under the state of transformation, then also homosexuality is remained unaccepted by the Indian Society and legal system as well, it caused a severe setback to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts, especially among men who have sex with men (MSM). This paper elaborates the concept of homosexuality with different approaches and highlights the religious tolerability and legal acceptability of the homosexual acts, especially in India.
Keywords :
  • regional inequality,
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