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Santosh N. Kadam , Hotkar S. J.
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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The Solapur district can be broadly divided into three natural zones, the Eastern zone comprising Barshi, North Solapur, South Solapur and Akkalkot talukas, which has medium to deep black soil, to some extent get assured rainfall, and in this area jowar, bajra and pulses are grown. The central or the transitional zone comprising Mohol, Mangalwedha, Eastern part of Pandharpur and Madha taluka has uncertain rainfall, light to medium soil and grows kharif and rabi crops. The Western Zone comprises scarcity areas of Karmala, Sangola and Malshiras talukas and Western part of Madha and Pandharpur talukas with lighter soils and uncertain rainfall. In Karmala, Pandharpur and Madha talukas, rabi crops are mainly grown. Moreover, kharif crops such as bajra and groundnut in Sangola taluka are also grown. Large part of Malshiras taluka receives protection from scarcity due to the irrigation provided by Nira Right Bank Canal, so sugarcane is the major crop in this area.
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