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Pavandeep Kaur
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Leadership is not merely a personal quality or characteristics of a manager; it is a process of leading and conducting business by good relationship with people, communication of deeds and means, developing trust between a leader and his people, attention to goals and objectives and leading from the front. Along with the emergence of stiff competition in business, leadership is also changing from merely influencing the activities of people towards the achievement of goals to creating a favourable situation and influencing the course of events for ethical growth and realization of the company’s vision. According to John Kotter a professor at Harvard Business School, in modern organisation placed competitive situations, leadership is the process of;- •creating a vision of the future •developing a rational strategy for motivating •winning the support of the people-oriented •motivating the group to accomplish goal
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  • कृषि उपकरण आदि,
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