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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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The world in society needs to lay down regulation for increasing their works. The regulation suitable for them is morality in literature discoursed by Buddha. They are moral conducts and moral virtues. Moral are the duty of parent and son, teacher and students, husband and wife to ties their family and relationship. The duties to do for everyone to develop in society were expressed in saṅgālovāda sutta for 2500 years go. Moral virtues are the way to develop in society as well. In modern life they are trying to progress their life by doing bad action ignorance proper way. So as to their manners to develop their life is not sure for increasing. The way to do bad action is not trying proper way for everyone in society because to improve their life and society the way bad action is disturbing and harming the other. For that five precepts were discourse for lay people living in society as follows; 1. Not to kill any living beings, 2. Not to steal any properties what have not given, 3. Not to commit sensual misconducts, 4. Not to lie and loose speech and 5. Not to use intoxicants and drugs.
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