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BP Tiwari
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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The Directive principles of state policy set forth the humanitarian socialist precepts that- were and are, the aims of the Indian social revolution(1) At present, part IV of the Indian Constitution contains 19 articles in spread over, from Article 36 to 51. In fact, prior to the 42nd constitution amendment of 1976 there were only 16 Articles in this part. Article 39-A, 43-A and 48-A have been added by the said amendment. All these principles direct the state to act like a welfare state and to render social, economic and political justice to the citizens & India. It is the constitutional duty of the state to follow these directives both in the administration as well as in the making of laws. They embody the aims and objectives of the state under the republication constitution i.e. to perform the functions of a welfare state and not to act like a mere 'Police state' and to secure the ideal of socio-economic justice. They constitute a very comprehensive political, social and economic programme for a modern democratic state.
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  • Pollution Free Environment,
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