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R. Arthy , R. Gowrishankar
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Language and communication are known as body and soul. There are two types of communication such as Verbal and Non-Verbal skills. Language skills are known as LSRW skills which are known as Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Among these skills, speaking, reading and writing skills are much pronounced by policy makers, management domain, syllabus and classroom. There are very solid methods to develop these skills but sometimes we are titled as poor communicators. This is because of the poor category in listening skills. Corporate has identified this skill as one of the important soft skills and imparting this skill in pre and post recruitment training. In short, this is the base for other skills. Such an important skill is not properly planned from the school to college level in curriculum and only available method is lecture method through which students listen the lectures and comprehend latter. Listening skill is a process and has got more barriers. Noisy class room, poor lighting, uncomfortable chair, low voice of teacher, no intonation in lecture, emotional interference is known barriers in listening.
Keywords :
  • Technology Mediated Training,Language and communication ,policy makers,management domain,
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