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Anita S. Jawanjal
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Abstract :
This article speaks about the mode of communication which involves actual interaction with final stake holder and the importance of proper mode communication in order to understand the needs of data to be generated which is essential to meet the objectives of the project. The primary and secondary data, its methods of collection and the challenges involved while collecting this data is highlighted. Simple references and in life actual experiences helps in communication, one to one and between both, the stake holder and volunteer. “participatory communication is an approach based on dialogue, which allows the sharing of information, perceptions and opinions among the various stakeholders and thereby facilitates their empowerment, especially for those who are most vulnerable and marginalized” can be stated as summery of this articl
Keywords :
  • Participatory communication ,involvement of masses,Genuine participation,dialogue,empowerment,project management,benefits,constraints,
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