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Muayyad Omran Chiad
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Abstract :
Politeness has been widely discussed in the field of pragmatics by several studies in recent years, yet it has largely been ignored in business writing. The current paper is an empirical study of politeness in business letters as one type of written English. In particular, we were interested in if and how the business writers incorporate politeness indicators in their letters. Taking in consideration that politeness strategies establish the type of relation between the sender and the receiver, the analysis draws on the positive and negative politeness in a corpus of 82 randomly selected business letters written by native speakers of English. Because politeness increases with the degree of potential threat to the hearer, it is expected that business letter discourse is quite likely to involve various politeness strategies to minimize its negative impact on the reader''s self-image. The analysis shows that there is an awareness of various types of politeness strategies, the language used to express politeness tended to be formal and more direct .
Keywords :
  • Politeness,positive face,negative face ,n/direct requesti,conventionally indirect ,
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