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Volume : II Issue : IV, October - 2012
8613Manish K. Rangolia

1658Girdhar lal Sharma
Evaluation Of Teacher Education Through Distance Mode

1658Girdhar lal Sharma
Evaluation Of Teacher Education Through Distance Mode

1656गजेंद्र सिरोही ,नीरज करारी
" व्यक्तीगत आयकर मे वेतन सम्बंधी आय कि विसंगातियो का अध्ययन "

Julian Barnes: A Significant Contmporary Novelist

1654Deshmukh A. Hadi A. Bari
'Digital Library: A New Concept of Library ‘

1632Nirmal D. Bhalerao1 and Lata D. Dhene2
महाराष्ट्र राज्याची वित्तीय परिस्थिती :एक आढावा

1630Madan Singh Rathore
Comparison Of Anxiety, Achievement Motivation And Personality Traits Of Basketball Players And Non-sportsmen

Uniformity In Under Graduate Professional Courses

1628Kamni and Rajnikant
Comparative Crystallographic Analysis Of Some Mono And Linearly Chained Biphenyls

1627H.N. Rede
Changes Of Sex-Ratio In Osmanabad District

1625Deepali Yadav
Allan Sealy's The Everest Hotel: A Calender – An Ecocritical Analysis

1624Babli Roy , Rashmi Sinha and Sapna Suman
A Study On Factors Responsible For Deteriorating Moral Values Among Secondary School Children

1616धरवेश कटारिया ,संदीप कुमार वर्मा
विज्ञापन और सांस्कृतिक परिवर्तन

1614Sonal Shivagunde and V. V. Kulkarni
Situation Analysis Of Education Of Ashram Schools

Bendre And Linguistic Movement In Karnataka

1610Pravin N.Totala and Sunil U. Surywanshi
'A Study Of Internet Users In Rural Area Of Jalna District'

1609L.Selvamuthu Kumarasami and P. Nagaraj
Periyar In Congress Campaign

1608Harjinder Pal Singh Saluja , Anil Kumar Soni and Dharmendra Singh
“A Study On Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Agriculture And Rural Development Bank Limited: Survey Based Analysis”

1607Bilal Ahmad Parray
Appropriating Territories For Imperial Interests

1606सुनिल धावने ,राजेन्द्र जैन
इन्दॊर जिले में दलित उत्पिडन के प्रकारों का अध्ययन

1605एस.एस.डिगर्जे, पी.आर.चव्हाण
स्तनाचा कॅनसर कारणे आणि उपचार

1604R. L. Ambekar
Social Factor Attitude For Shaping A Future Classroom

1603FatemehKhoshnavafomani , ForoughRafii and RahmatollahKharazmirahimabadi
Structured Questionnaire To Measure Therapeutic Relationship

1601Raja Nazakat and Rafiq Ahamad
Indus Water Treaty Vis-à-vis International Transboundary Water Management Principles

1600Anil Kumar Soni and Abhay Kapre
“Financial Performance Of District Central Cooperative Bank Limited Rajnandgaon: Growth Rate Analysis”

1599D.P. Patil
A New Tapeworm Dipilidium Singhi N.sp. (EUCESTODA : DIPYLIDIDAE) From Canis Familiaris

1597Amirthavalli Asokan,
Racial Affliction And Class Oppression In Toni Morrison's Sula

1594S. Gunasekaran and R. Ezhil
Impact Of Self-help Group On Women Empowerment

1593Suresh S. Malegaon and Vijaykumar N. Hebbalkar
VAT – Sea-saw Change In Revenue Collection – A Bird View

1592Vikram Kaushik and Paramveer Singh
Perception Of Agriculture Administrators Towards Corporatization Of Farming In India

1590Atik-ur-rahaman S.M
The Socio-Economic Background Of The Hotel Workers

1588अमृतपाल कौर ,संजीव कुमार
प्रगतीवादी काव्यधारा-प्रेरणा स्त्रोत और प्रवृत्तीया

1587S Srikanta Swamy
Development And Standardization Of Leadership Behavior Scale

1586V.Rama Devi and K.Thriveni Kumari
Striking A Healthy Work-life Balance

Non-traditional Sexuality In Vijay Tendulkar's A Friend's Story

1583Shalika Gupta
A Study Of Problem Solving Ability In Relation To Sex And Academic Achievement

1581Kumar Shalender and Nripendra Singh
Marketing Flexibility For Sustaining Growth In Turbulent Business Environment

1580M.B. Waghmode
Agriculture And Irrigation In Jawali Taluka

1577Udaysinh Manepatil
Customer Relationship Management, A Marketing Strategy.

1576Ashok Kumar
Multiculturalism In India With Special Reference To Jammu And Kashmir

1574S.B. Zodage , Arjun Wagh and Sarika Shinde
Classification Of Agro Service Centres In Karad Taluka Of Satara District

1573Harjinder Pal Singh Saluja , Anil Kumar Soni and Dharmendra Singh
“A Study on Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank Limited: Survey Based Analysis”

1572ज्योती टाकळीकर
ग्रामीण व शहरी छात्र अध्यापकांच्या अध्यापन अभियोग्यातेचा त्यांच्या अध्यापनावर होणारया परिणामाचा अभ्यास

1571संदीप कुमार ,अख्तर आलम
"मैथिली पत्रकारिता का स्वर्णीम काल

1569Prakash R. Chavan
Economics Of Turmeric Prices With Respect To Time Series

1567S.D. Pawar
Satyagrahi Sarvodayism

1566D. D. Gaikwad
Gender Disparity In Rural Literacy : A Micro-level Analysis Of Sangli District

1565Sunita Sharma
Socio-Economic Conditions Of Migrant Workers In Slums–amicro Study Of Kathuacity (J&K).

1564Rachana Vijay Musai
A Feminist Context In Rokeya Housain's Sultana's Dream

1563Rita Saini
Self-Concept In Relation Emotional Intelligence Of Senior Secondary School Students

1562Archana Bhupal Nandagave
Influence Of Educated Family Background On Children's Educational Development

1561Ravindra L. Ambekar

1560Smita Bahuguna
Welfare Schemes In Ongc With Special Emphasis On The Medical Facilities

1559Honey Kunjivaru , Sankar K and K. Rajagopalan
Effect Of Neuro Linguistic Programming Strategies In Physics On Higher Secondary Achievement

1558Ananadrao S. Patil
Industrial Development Imbalances In Maharashtra: A Geographical Analysis

1558Ananadrao S. Patil
Industrial Development Imbalances In Maharashtra: A Geographical Analysis

1557Madhumita , Durga Sharma and Sister Saroj M. A. C.
Value Patterns Of Teacher Trainees In Relation To Education Level, Socioeconomic Status, Place Of Residence And Caste

1555Raja Ambethkar
Professional Development And Practices In Classroom

1554Kamble Ashwini Shankar
Performance Of Dairy Industry In India: Challenges And Opportunities

1553Rajiv Kumar Nasker
Transformation Of Some Of Thomas Hardy's Central Characters From Egotism To Altruism

A Micro Analysis Of Cost And Return Of Coleus Herbal Cultivation In Tamil Nadu.

1549Udaysinh R. ManePatil and Anuradha Gotkhinde
Recent Trends In Crop – Insurance In India

1546Md. Nijairul Islam and Aniruddha Chakraborty
Ethical Code for Teaching Profession in Relation to RTE Act– Ideology and Practice

1545Umakant Ganapati and A.P. Hosmani
Pay And Job Satisfaction Among Library Professionals

1543Rajendra M. Zagade and Shivaji K.Taur
Progress Of Shgs In India- A Statistical Statement

1542A. PREMA
The Legal Status Of Women In India

1541D. S. Fulari and S. N. Bawachkar
Study Of Drought Tolerance Parameters In Fruit Trees Growing In Semi-arid Zone

1540गोरे राहुल नानासाहेब
क्रिडा क्षेत्रात पंचगीरीचे मह्तव व तत्वे एक अभ्यास


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